Need help with information governance?

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If you have an NHS contract and are struggling to cope with your Information Governance (IG) Assessment, we can help!

Whether you're too pushed for time to develop Policies, Procedures and Protocols, too frustrated to fiddle with the on-line toolkit or too astounded at the cost of outsourcing to a consultant, our IG Bundle is the solution you are looking for.

This is exactly how we help you tackle Information Governance:-

  1. We complete your on-line assessment
  2. We supply you with an IG Folder and Staff Handbook to bring everyone up to speed with Level 2 Compliance
  3. We continue to provide support for your IG Folder so you're never more than a phone call away from one of our advisors

Information Governance has never been easier, and with our simple approach to auditing we can provide you with an opportunity to update your IG Folder to Level 3 Compliance next year in the same pain-free and effective way.

Order IG Bundle now

With the Lasermet IG Bundle there are no hidden costs and no need to call for a quote (although we are always here if you want to talk!). Our IG Bundle comes at a flat cost of £995+VAT and to make things really easy, you can order on-line at or by downloading our brochure and completing the order form.