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Dental Practices

Heard nothing since submitting your application?

If you have yet to hear anything since submitting your CQC application, don't despair! The CQC have said for applications that have a submission reference number (a unique number beginning with DA, generated when you submit the application form), your applications are considered "in process" and you can continue to provide dental care to your patients without fear of prosecution. We can check your practices' status - just call us or email us with your relevant details.

CQC annual fees for dentists registered with the CQC

The CQC have released their annual fees for primary dental care. The CCQ fee payable for one practice is £800. The fee for two to three practices is £1600. Invoices for the annual CQC fee will be sent to all dentists who have received their Notice of Decision.

GP Practices

CQC Registration of GP Practices

The CQC is warming up for GP Registration!

From April 2012, all providers of NHS Primary Medical Services (including GP Practices, Out of Hours Services and some Walk-In Centres) need to be registered with the CQC.

In the build-up to registration, the CQC has released some initial guidance on what you can do to prepare your practice for the application process.

Call or email if you would like further information (free of charge) on the process.

For more information of how Lasermet can help your practice register click here